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Canvas Tool Bag

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Color: Water Resistant Canvas
  • Handmade from Dense Water Resistant Canvas
  • Perfect Home for Your Tools, Cords or Personal Items
  • Waterproofing Protects Against the Elements and Makes Clean-Up a Breeze
  • Lifelong Accessory
  • Great As a Gift
  • Durable with Double Stitched Seams & Brooklyn-based YKK Zipper



Length: 10.3 Inches

Height: 7.9 Inches


Dense Water Resistant Canvas, Rustic Brass Hardware, Durable YKK Zipper
*Available in Heavy Duty Black Canvas


Cleaning the bag is a simple as wiping it with a damp cloth. Oil and grease spills will require repeated cleaning with a degreasing agent and lukewarm water.


This canvas all purpose kit with rustic accents is meant to be passed on to future generations.

The Water Resistant Canvas Tool Bag is a convenient storage option for wire nuts, connectors and other consumables. When it comes to keeping your tools safe this is the best option on the market. With a durable, stylish and water resistant canvas, this tool bag is the wisest choice there is.

One of the most indispensable tools every carpenter, sculptor and construction worker has at their reach is the chisel. If you enjoy a bit of DIY, then a set of chisels should be within your array of tools. The chisel has been around since way back when to the ancient times of sculpting ornate, marble statues. Thanks to this standard tool, we can enjoy the beauty of some of the most incredible sculptures, statues, monuments and high-rise buildings that we have today. Protect all of your tools with the home they deserve with this Water Resistant Canvas Tool Bag.

Water resistant canvas is a woven fabric, sturdy and resilient by nature. The word canvas derives from the Latin word "Cannabis", or "Hemp", and while modern day canvas is made with linen, cotton or synthetic materials, hemp was originally used as the primary material. Over 5000 years ago, China was producing cloth made of hemp fiber, a material they discovered to be water resistant and very durable. Throughout Europe, this material was quickly adopted for the making of sails of ships, but it wasn't until 1,200 BC that the Greeks and Phoenicians were the first to begin trading by ship. Nowadays, with the correct synthetic materials used, an excellent water resistant canvas fabric can be created, and it has become a key player in the architectural, industrial and marine fields.

Our canvas comes from the highly respected supplier Lonas Segovia, the oldest canvas maker in Guatemala. The seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel.

The heavy-duty zipper is made by Japanese-founded and Brooklyn-based YKK, a zipper and hardware manufacturer widely respected in the worlds of fashion and accessories. The bottom features a heavier, double-layer overlay with double-stitched seams offering long lasting support. Seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jill B
Great bag!

I use my canvas tool bag daily. Several weeks in and it looks as good as the day I got it.

scott d

holds more than expected! seems strong.

Debra Manning
Great as a purse or anything!

My use of the canvas bag is as a makeup bag and sometime purse. The bag is more than sturdy, and it holds a good bit with no problem. Then my hubby stole it from me to use on a hunting trip, and I never saw it again.

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