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Lunch Bag (3 Pack)

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  • PORTABLE ALL PURPOSE BAG REDUCES WASTE & SAVES MONEY: These bags are perfect for the family to take your lunch to work or school in style. These 3 unique bags are sturdy, reliable, easy to clean, and perfect for everyone of all ages. Handcrafted using lightweight, durable, natural manta cotton, this is a stylish alternative to carrying your packed lunches, saving you on paper bags and flimsy plastic lunchboxes, doing your bit for the environment in style.
  • HANDMADE FROM NATURAL MANTA COTTON: The Manta Cotton we use is a favorite over generations in Guatemala. Traditionally used to make men’s shirts known "Guayaberas", this natural cotton fiber is strong and more loosely woven. It is known locally as “wild cotton” and is absolutely natural, unbleached, organic cotton. It’s easy to use, clean, and perfect for everyday use.
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Plastic bags and plastic lunchboxes can be expensive and mostly end up in land fill sites. The washable and reusable Manta Cotton Lunch Bag will serve you time after time for all the family.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: You’ve no doubt experienced the pain of sitting down to enjoy your lunch, only to find it’s moved about during your commute and now resembles a Jackson Pollock painting. To counter any lunch related mess, the Durable Manta Cotton is easy to clean and easy to dry. No more worries about spilt sauces or leaking drinks.
  • SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This makes an excellent gift for your friend, loved ones and family. These Manta Cotton Lunch Bags will add some style to your lunch, making it a great gift for anyone and everyone.

Customer Reviews

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Nice bags

These bags are made of durable material and are really great to use for many tasks. As implied by their title, they are perfect lunch bags and I keep them in my work truck to use when I'm working out of town. Another nice accessory product by Hide & Drink.

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