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Pineapple Faux Leather Square 12 x 12 in.

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$15.99 - $20.99
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Color: Red
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Pineapple faux leather is made from waste pineapple leaf fibre - If you're looking for a leather alternative, then look no further. Pineapple faux leather is carefully created by locking long fibres from pineapple leaves together to create a tight bond, resulting in a soft, sturdy, leather-like material.
  • MATERIAL ORIGIN: Pineapple faux leather is sourced in the Philippines and finished in Spain and Italy.
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Strong, lightweight and flexible, suitable for footwear, bags, furnishing and beyond. Pineapple faux leather can be easily cut, stitched, debossed and embroidered for varied design finishes.
  • NATURAL, SUSTAINABLE & CRUELTY-FREE: Made from sustainably sourced natural fibre, containing no harmful chemicals or animal products.



Length: 12 in.
Height: 12 in.
Width: 0.03 in.


Pineapple Faux Leather

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