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Waxed Canvas Tool & Cord Bag

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Color: Waxed Canvas
  • Handmade from Durable Waxed Canvas and Premium Rustic Leather
  • Interior Leather Edge Lining Lets Bag Stand Upright When Opened and Offers Long-Lasting Protection
  • Ideal for Storage in Cars, Garage or Craft Room
  • Waterproofing Protects Against the Elements and Makes Clean-Up a Breeze
  • Lifetime Guarantee



When Rolled

Length: 7.5 inches

Height: 5 inches

Width: 6.5 inches

When Unrolled

Length: 7.50 inches

Height: 11 inches

Width: 6 inches


Waterproof Waxed Canvas, Durable Canvas, Full Grain Leather, Rustic Brass Hardware


These bags have a lot of room to hold your tools and then some. Seams and stitching allow the bag to stand upright on its own when you unravel it, and the buckle serves to keep it in place when the tinkering is over and you have to pack it up.

Cleaning the bag is a simple as wiping it with a damp cloth. Oil and grease spills will require repeated cleaning with degreasing agent and lukewarm water.


This canvas all purpose kit with rustic accents is meant to be passed on to future generations.

This Waxed Canvas Tool & Cord Bag is classy, unassuming and looks good. Easy to use, and what's more easy to carry, this is the perfect addition for the mechanic in all of us. It's a perfect storage space for your tools when you're not fixing up that classic car you're restoring. This bag isn't just for mechanics, though, it's ideal for every type of DIY enthusiast. It's waterproof and simple to clean up, and easy to pack away when all the tools are out on the bench. 

One of the more iconic tools out there, the Monkey Wrench, dates back as far as 1841, patented by the Coes family. It was erroneously claimed that the famous boxer Jack Jones was the inventor of the wrench while in prison, when in fact he was only credited with the patent of some improvements to the existing wrench. Your own Monkey Wrench should be given the respect it deserves with this Waxed Canvas Tool & Cord Bag as its home. 

Waxed canvas is an ancient material, one of the oldest, in fact, and is still in use nowadays. It really is exemplary of a material that is tried, tested and true over time. Originating in Scotland in the 1850's waxed canvas was created for and by seafarers and mariners, by rubbing linseed oil into the cloth. This resulted in an incredibly durable fabric that repelled water, a popular choice for the sails and clothing of the sailors who ruled the waves. Being lightweight and durable, waxed canvas became the clothing of choice for the British Navy, Army and Air force during the Second World War, an attribute no other military possessed at that time.

Fast forward to today, and the wax is no longer rubbed onto the canvas. Instead the canvas is made with the oil embedded into the fibers, which allows the material to grow old with style and grace. The use of the fabric is now world wide, and is becoming more fashionable rather than sporty, all the while retaining its rugged personality.

Our canvas comes from the highly respected supplier Lonas Segovia, the oldest canvas maker in Guatemala. The seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carmelina Ortiz
Waxed Canvas Tool & Cord Bag

This is such a creative tool bag. I plan to buy more of these bags for our construction workers. Great for carrying tools from one room to another. So roomy. Made well and the looks really nice.

Joel Hatzenbihler
Cord bag

Good quality, waterproof

Smitty 5676
Great quality!

My sons will be impressed with these tool bags. Bought them as Christmas gifts & they will be perfect. Really good quality & I caught a sale which makes them even more attractive!

Beautiful bag!

Great bag! It's study, well made, and easy to clean. I use it as a lunch bag and it works perfectly. It is much darker than shown, more of a sage green color but still a lovely color.

Kevin Piper
Old School Quality and Timeless Design

I own many ballistic nylon bags and I value each of them. However, this has become my bag of choice. I've put tools, food, electronics, beach gear, cell phones in this thing - it works for anything I might need. The timeless look brings many inquiries from others and admiration and desire when they examine the bag. Everyone thinks I took it from my grandfather's Model A, because that is the feeling it evokes.

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