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Small Backpack

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Color: Striped Canvas
  • Handmade From Strong Raw Canvas 
  • Unique Guatemalan Design
  • Perfect For All Occasions
  • Durable with Double Stitched Seams & Brooklyn-based YKK Zipper
  • Perfect for School, Office or Leisure 



Length: 12 Inches
Width: 4 Inches
Height: 7 Inches


Full Grain Leather, Raw Canvas, Durable YKK Zipper
*Available In Genuine Mayan Textiles


If needed, hand wash with a delicate soap and warm water, or machine wash on gentle cycle.


This beautiful item is the Small Backpack. Stylish and attractive in design, this backpack is perfect for everyone from students at school to the busy office dweller, and even the fashion-minded trendsetters. With ample space and comfortable to carry, this Canvas Backpack is the perfect gift for all.

The Backpack itself is rich in history, having served the world's population since the end of the 19th century. In ancient times, hunters would use backpacks made out of their dismembered prey to carry larger animals that they had successfully killed. Tightly woven together with the animal's own intestines, the backpack would stand the test of time. Nowadays the backpack is made quite differently, but the design remains the same. Celebrate its history with this beautifully hand-crafted Striped Canvas Small Backpack. 

Our canvas comes from the highly respected supplier Lonas Segovia, the oldest canvas maker in Guatemala. The seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel.

The Mayan textiles represent the artistic and religious expressions through clothing and other textile arts of the Maya people in Mexico and Central America. This ancient art derives from the practice of spinning loose cotton fibers using spindles, dyed using natural colors extracted from colorful plants and flowers. When dry, the cotton is then woven into intricate, beautiful designs. Many designs used in clothing represent the indigenous populations' communities, giving them a sense of identity and a feeling of home. The Mayan textiles that we use originate in Pastores, Guatemala, lovingly handcrafted by the local men and women of the town.

The heavy-duty zipper is made by Japanese-founded and Brooklyn-based YKK, a zipper and hardware manufacturer widely respected in the worlds of fashion and accessories. The bottom features a heavier, double-leather overlay with double-stitched seams offering long lasting support. Seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a burned and melted finish offering no loose ends during your travel.

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