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It is what it should be

It’s pretty well what it looks like, and what they sell it as. I have no idea who uses a coin purse, but it’s a neat little catch all. It’s the usual H&D leather, and it’s pretty little. I can fit 3 or 4 vape cartridges, for anyone familiar with that size item. Also, I just like the way it feels and hefts in my hand, so it gets to ride around in my pocket even when I don’t need it. Some people have fidget spinners, I like tossing this little character around in my hand. Certainly a good value at the price point.

Functional and Attractive

I love that this poop bag matches my leather leash and collar, and while I’m walking and it bumps against my hand I’m feeling soft leather instead of the hard pastic I used to have. Very happy with my purchase!

Beautifully made pouch

The leather used is very high quality! Thick yet so soft and the bourbon color is just stunning. I love it and recommend it highly!

Dopp Kit Utility Bag
Steve Colvin
Quality bag

I bought to contain our travel charger stuff. I was very pleased at the overall quality of the bag - excellent construction that should last a long time.

Key Ring Holder
Timothy K
Key Ring Holder

Super quality! Perfect for my work keys. I can grab it off my belt loop, use the keys, then right back on the loop. I liked it so much, I ordered a couple of extras.

Cell Phone Shoulder Bag
Elizabeth-Jo Stephenson
Best Little Bag Ever!

This is the perfect Bag when you just need your phone, money and some earbuds. The Strap is so l-o-n-g! I've been wrapping it around my waist using a slip knot to hold it in place when I go walking, shopping, etc. This is my new G0-To bag! xo

Elisa R
Great leather

This mousepad, just like everything I’ve bought from Hide & Drink, is great. I love leather products and they have great stuff.

Nice size!

Good size mousepad made of nice, thick leather. Love all the Hide and Drink Bourbon Brown stuff.


Arrived fast. My first one was from another company, lasted three days, sad. This frame carry strap however, will outlast the bike! My bike is a custom one, it's a chop, lowrider, drag, rat ride, it's bada** and heavy! I live in a second floor apartment and this carry strap is heavy duty enough to last a lifetime! Excellent price too!

Watch Roll
Richard Chellis
Pocket Watch Case

The Watch Roll is a good way to keep your watchs.

Versatile and rustic.

Very Useful Pen Pocket

Just the right size.

Awesome Hangers

Bigger than expected and excellent!


We love all the products we've bought so far and the Cruzy adds another to the list. Great leather, really well made, and we know it's an ethically thoughtful company. 5 stars.

Car Key Holder
Richard Chellis

Very nice workmanship,very happy with it.

Excellent and Useful Product

These bookmarks are really great! Thank you!

Solves my laptop problem

Like many parents, we spend a lot of time at the kitchen table working on homework and school projects. I always have my laptop handy - but hate the way it “feels” on our glass top table. So, I bought this leather piece… and it’s much more pleasing. The laptop doesn’t rattle on the top of the table, slide around, and it just feels better. Easy solution.

Bifold Check Presenter
Richard Mendez
Check presenters

Great strong leather
very durable

They keep getting better

This is the nest waxed travel bag I have ever had. It’s a great value for the money two thumbs up hide and drink.

Million Uses

I use this as a napkin holder in my truck. Keeps my center console clear of clutter. Endless uses, think outside the box!

Utility Pouch
Timothy K
Waxed Canvas Utility Pouch

This is the 10th variant of a waxed canvas case or pouch I have purchased from The Stockyard Exchange. I have yet to be disappointed. Love the rustic look and feel, and the durability is top notch! You can't go wrong with SE's quality!

Book Key Case
Jared Costa
For any enthusiast

This key case is great and well worth the money. If you are like me and tired of phone scratches or pocket pokes this case is for your. Nicely done hide and drink another winner!!!

Well made-should last a LONG time and then get passed down

A full grain leather belt that’s cheaper than one of those faux leather ones at XMart? Yes please!! Nicely packaged in a cotton sack like every one of the brands other items I’ve purchased before.

Jean hooks

These hooks are great quality. Very heavy duty.